Hi! I'm Jared and I work with game developers to share their creations through community building. I specialize in campaign strategy and I've made content that has earned over 100 million organic impressions for indie games such as Cult of the Lamb and Card Shark. With my background in finance, I blend statistical analysis, creative content and business acumen to promote games I believe in.
Led community management of Cult of the Lamb, helping sell a million copies within 9 days of release. Joined development team just over a month before launch and developed campaign strategy to excite existing fans and reach many new ones. Oversaw team of community managers and moderators while seamlessly coordinating with internal and external stakeholders.

In 3 months working on Cult of the Lamb, grew Twitter account from 13k to 180k followers by developing a strong brand voice and creating engaging content. Launched new TikTok channel to 200k followers with efficient time investment. Kept Cult of the Lamb relevant in internet culture months after launch with zero ad spend. 

Analyzed over 1000 TikTok videos to discover insights for game studios promoting on the platform. Surveyed several creators for their most viewed videos and provided actionable conclusions that has been described as a “must read thread”.

Developed company values and brand tone at Nerial by surveying founders and team members to guide the studio's vision. Led launch marketing campaign of Card Shark with significant social media and influencer presence despite being a unique niche game.

Executed $150k influencer campaign for the Steam launch of Industries of Titan, generating 2 million unique impressions and helping it become the platform’s Global Top seller on launch day: budgeting, negotiations, contracts, scheduling and post-campaign reporting.
Authored and tailored official messaging of game launches, announcements, and press releases, while balancing player sentiment with bug fixes and unexpected changes.

Designed and produced in-depth ARG for Cult of the Lamb’s Discord server. Described as “the most fun I had in months”. Puzzles were solved through collaboration between community members to find hidden webpages, audio spectrograms, and secret phone number.

Developed community sentiment framework for Mythic Heroes. Analyzed social media data, competitor comparables, and KPIs to iterate and improve engagement in a community of over 200k daily active players. Reported findings to management in regular reports.

Live host for official studio streams, developer interviews and special events. Advanced understanding of streaming and video software as a content creator (OBS, Streamlabs, Premiere Pro, After Effects).
Presented at Game Devs of Color Expo with several concise action items to help games gain visibility on TikTok. 

Moderated game design panels such as History Repeats - New Stories from the Past in conjunction with LudoNarraCon and Narratives in Card Games.

Organized in-person and online industry events (Global Game Jam Vancouver, Women Game Jam Canada, Twitch Charity Concert) with representatives from several local game studios.

Featured on GameDiscoverCo and How to Market a Game.
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