Cult of the Lamb is one of the biggest games of 2022. Blending dungeon-crawler with farming-sim, it sold a million copies in 9 days to become Devolver's second-biggest launch ever. 

Just over a month before the release date, I was invited to lead a small team focused on community management and social media marketing. 

I revitalized the game's online presence with engaging content that framed existing assets in clever ways. This grew the Twitter account from 13k to 160k followers and I launched a new TikTok account that has passed 200k followers.
Card Shark
Card Shark is a unique adventure game where you'll need to play your opponents better than you play your cards to climb the social hierarchy of 18th century France. 

My content strategy and production has earned a million views on Tiktok in our first two weeks, while I also coordinate marketing initiatives and capture what Nerial stands for as a studio.

While under the Devolver umbrella, Nerial is a small team that operates with a lot of independence. I've been tasked with building a brand voice as the studio steps out of the shadow of the successful Reigns franchise
Mythic Heroes is a brand-new mobile title and IP with over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store within 2 weeks of global launch in October 2021. 

I managed the growth of the player community from minimal activity to over 10k Discord messages per day, 30k followers across various platforms and 200k daily active players. 

My areas of focus were data analytics and sentiment reporting to provide the development team with regular player feedback, along with reviewing campaign copywriting for creators like MrBeast, Lirik, Dream and DemolitionRanch.
Industries of Titan is a cyber-industrial city builder for PC that launched in Early Access on Steam in June 2021. On launch day, it reached the top of the Steam global sales charts. 

For the launch campaign, I coordinated the $150k influencer campaign, sponsoring 43 diverse international streamers attaining 2,172,000 unique impressions. This included budgeting, negotiations, contracts, scheduling and post-campaign reporting. 

I was also responsible for the content calendar on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, Reddit and Instagram. 
Crypt of the NecroDancer is a beloved indie title that mashes up rhythm games and dungeon crawlers. 

I supported the NecroDancer community by coordinating developer streams, representing the studio when major streamers were playing the game, and participating in community initiatives. 

I also coordinated paid advertising to analyze the impact of Twitter, Facebook and Reddit ads on Steam sales going back through several years of data. 
Phantom Brigade is currently in Early Access on the Epic Games Store. Despite the limited release, it has a vibrant community with committed players and modders who see the game's huge potential leading up to the eventual full launch. 

I formed strong relationships with the Phantom Brigade team, hosting developer streams, writing a developer design blog, and coordinating playtests to connect the community directly with designers.
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